What Is British Citizenship?

British Citizenship is the final UK immigration process for foreign nationals who have held permanent residence for at least 1 year. This process only obtains a certificate of British citizenship. Afterwards, you will then apply for a passport using this certificate as evidence. With British citizenship, you will be free from all immigration control and be ale to travel to many countries in the world without a visa such as Europe, USA and Canada. You can also pass citizenship to your children.

British Citizenship
If you have been living in the UK for 5 years or more and had Indefinite Leave to remain for a

minimum of 12 months you may be eligible to apply for Citizenship. There are other

requirements to be met such as Life in the UK test and residency. If you have travelled out of

the UK for too long or had a criminal conviction then you may find you are not able to apply

at this time. It is best to seek immigration advice before making an application

Applying for naturalisation through form MN1

When a non-British Child is eligible they can apply to become registered as a British citizen

through Form MN1. This route is different than their parents usually, who would be applying

under form AN. There are different requirements that apply to children when applying for

British Citizenship or to register as a British Citizen.

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